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APC pays tribute to scores killed at their rally nationwide as Buhari calls for full investigation on botched election


MON, FEBRUARY 18 2019-theG&BJournal-The All Progressives Congress, (APC) paid tribute to scores of Nigerians who died in their campaign venues across the 36 states of country during the party’s caucus meeting in Abuja today.

Adam Oshiomhole reminded the party and Nigerians of the support the president received during his campaign Nationwide. ”They were suffocated due the millions of people who thronged into venues without the capacity to hold such crowd” he said. ”It is important we honour them.”

Party big wigs were in attendance including Vice President Yomi Osinbajo and President Muhammadu Buhari who used the occasion to call for full investigation into the decision by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to postpone the general election earlier scheduled for February 16 2019.

The general elections was called off at about 2 am Saturday February 16 following INEC’s admission that it had logistics challenges leading up to the election day.

President Muhammadu Buhari who took time out of his heavy schedules to attend the meeting called for full investigation into actual reasons for the postponement of the elections would be carried out.

‘’The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had always had all the resources it at its disposal and didn’t need to wait few hours to the commencement of the polls before postponement,’’ the President said.

“Such incompetence had to be explained to the nation but after the elections we have to know exactly what happened otherwise our efforts to make sure that we’re making progress will not be felt”.

He added that the laws and constitutions protected INEC and as such INEC must not take Nigerians for granted.

“If for example the national Assembly refused to approve what INEC wanted, INEC would have room to say why they didn’t perform. We do not know why this has happened, we’ll have to go into details to find out after the elections”.

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