Can I Change My MTN Contract Plan in Nigeria?

Signing up for a mobile phone contract plan in Nigeria is an important decision. With frequent new smartphone model releases and changes in your data usage over time, you may find yourself wanting to change to a different MTN contract plan before your current contract ends. The good news is – yes, you typically can change your MTN monthly contract plan, even during an active contract period. However, there may be fees involved.

Overview of MTN Contract Plans in Nigeria

MTN offers a variety of contract plan options for subscribers in Nigeria to meet different needs and budgets. Plan options differ based on included monthly data, minutes, texts, and other features. Some key MTN plans include:

  • MTN Pulse: MTN’s contract plan tailored for students and youth. Includes decent data, free Night browsing, and special student rates.
  • MTN Red: MTN’s flagship postpaid plan with highest data limits and extras like free MusicTime and Tidal Premium.
  • MTN Smart: Contract plan focused on SMS bundles and all-network calling minutes. Lower data than MTN Pulse.
  • MTN Family: Shared family contract plan with ability to add multiple lines. Comes with family safety and location tracking features.

When you originally sign an MTN contract, you agree to maintain service for a set minimum term, usually 12 or 24 months. This allows MTN to offer discounted smartphone prices and benefits that are contingent on keeping your chosen plan for the full initial term.

Should I Change My MTN Contract Plan?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to whether changing an MTN contract plan during your contract makes sense. Here are some key factors to consider:

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Data Usage Changes

Many people underestimate how much data they’ll use when first signing up. If you find yourself regularly exceeding your data cap or wanting faster speeds, an upgraded MTN plan may better suit your needs.

Financial Changes

If you can no longer comfortably afford your MTN plan’s monthly payments, downgrading to a cheaper basic plan is an option, albeit with fewer features.

Promos and Bundles

MTN frequently runs new promos and bundled plans that may be more cost-effective or better aligned with your usage. Existing customers can often switch and take advantage too.

Family Plan Perks

If you have family members also on MTN, consolidating onto a shared MTN Family plan can provide discounts and make managing one account easier.

New Phone Releases

When hot new phones launch, they often come bundled with special MTN plans and perks for customers activating a new 2-year contract term. You may want to switch plans to score the bundle.

Steps to Change an MTN Monthly Contract Plan

If changing plans does make sense for your situation, here is the process to modify your MTN Nigeria monthly contract plan:

1. Review New MTN Plan Options

Log in to your MTN account via web, app, or visit an MTN service center to explore available plans. Compare costs, data amounts, and features to find the best alterative MTN plan suited for your needs. You may need your account PUK handy to authenticate plan changes.

2. Confirm Contract Term and Fees for Current Plan

Before requesting a change, confirm your remaining contract term and any early termination or plan change fees that may apply by checking your MTN account or calling the dedicated contract department. This will determine if switching plans mid-contract makes financial sense. Typically contract changes incur smaller fees vs outright contract cancellation.

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3. Submit MTN Plan Change Request

Once you decide on your new plan, submit a change plan request by dialing *123# and following the prompts or via the MyMTN app under Contract > Plan Migration. You’ll need to confirm acceptance of any plan change fees presented.

4. Pay Applicable Contract Plan Change Fees

According to your contract terms, you may need to pay an administrative fee for switching plans before your term is up. This is usually smaller than breaking contract but still ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 Naira on average. MTN will deduct this from your airtime credit balance automatically upon approval of your plan change request.

5. Wait for New Contract Plan Activation

It takes between 24-48 hours for MTN to process approved contract plan change requests and modify plan settings on your account. You’ll receive multiple SMS notifications as your new contract plan request is processed, approved, and eventually activated by MTN support staff during this timeframe. Once active, your account dashboards will reflect your newly selected contract plan details.

And that’s it – by following this process you can change between MTN monthly contract plans. Just be mindful of any change fees outlined in your existing contract terms.

Frequently Asked Questions on Changing MTN Contract Plans

Here are answers to some common questions about altering MTN postpaid plan options before the end of your current contract duration:

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Can I upgrade my MTN data allowance via contract plan change?

Yes, subscribers are allowed to upgrade to a higher MTN plan tier with more data, minutes etc without breaking contract. However, plan change admin fees still apply. MTN does not allow downgrading plans until the contract term completes.

Do I pay double charges when changing an MTN contract plan?

No. You will only be billed for the new plan charges starting the day it is activated on your account after paying any related contract change fees. No double payments for the transition month.

Can I switch from MTN Pulse to MTN Red plans anytime?

Yes, subscribers can request moving between MTN’s portfolio of contract plans depending on availability in their region, although regular plan migration rules and associated fees apply if still under an active contract term.

Will my smartphone subsidies and bonuses change if I alter plans?

No, existing subscribers can maintain their current contracted device subsidies and freebies when simply switching between eligible MTN plans. However, improving devices or bonuses requires cancelling contract and starting a new 2-year term.

Can I change my MTN Family primary account owner when modifying our plan?

No, the primary account holder on an MTN Family Shared plan cannot be changed when switching to new Family Shared plan via simple migration. To change Family Share owner requires cancelling full contract for proper account termination and continuity processes before restarting service.

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