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COVID-19 global updates: Italy’s death tally astonishes, California 40 million citizens on lockdown

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FRI, MARCH 20 2020-theG&BJournal- Data published Thursday indicates astonishing rise in the number of people who have died in Italy since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COIVID-19) in the country. Report from Italy indicates 5, 322 new cases and 427 new deaths yesterday, taking the total cases to 41,035 and deaths up to 3,405. The death tally has now surpassed total number of deaths in China at 3,245 deaths and 80, 928 confirmed cases. China reported today no new cases since the pandemic began.

Confirmed cases in Iran is also racing ahead and death tally in the country has reached 1,284 making the country with the third highest number of deaths, slightly above Spain with 803 deaths and 17, 395 confirmed cases.

Mortuaries are full and the army have been called in to collect bodies for the crematorium. Daily Mail reports that crematorium staff has been handling 24 bodies a day.

The Italian Prime Minister has warned that quarantine measures must be extended beyond their original deadline.

According to Daily Mail, 99 % of Italian virus deaths so far are patients who had previous health conditions. Research into 355 deaths showed that only three of the victims, 0.8 percent, had no pre-existing health problem. Nearly half of them, 48.5%, had three or even more health conditions before they were infected with coronavirus.

In the UK, the fatalities totals 173 deaths, with 33 new cases announced today. The number diagnosed has risen to 3,269. Official statistics shows that UK’s coronavirus is one of the fastest escalating epidemics in Europe.

In the US, more cities and states are locking down. California has ordered lockdown for the state 40 million residents as the nation’s total cases rose to 14, 000. California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote to President Trump saying that estimated 56% off the state’s population, or 25.5 million people would be infected over an eight-week period.

The US government Thursday issued a Travel Advisory Level 4, advising its citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. The US, reports say, have now tested at least 103, 945 people.

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