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COVID-19 Nigeria: 242 cases confirmed out of 1127 tested is not too bad- lockdown magic?

Inside the Isolation and Treatment Centre at the Asaba Specialist Hospital in preparation against the COVID-19 pandemic

Audrey Lotechukwu

TUE, MAY 12 2020-theG&BJournal- 242 more victims of coronavirus was announced Monday by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to bring the country’s total to 4641, and the death toll is 150. 902 patients have recovered and sent home.

The NCDC figure shows that a total of 27, 078 samples have been collected and 1127 testing completed to yield Monday’s 242 (20%) result. It means that the pandemic may not be as widespread as originally thought-or it is contained by the lockdown measures still in place in some states, including border closure to prevent inter-state travel and spread.

The top-5 afflicted states are running out or are already out of bed space though, given the current number of patients on admission.

Lagos, the epicentre of the disease in the country, with a record 1, 933 cases have 1, 398 in hospital beds. Kano has 573 of its 666 infected patients in admission. Federal Capital Territory-the third on the list has run out of bed space. Nearly all its 359 victims are on admission-302 of them. In Katsina 179 are on admission out of the 205 infected while Borno is also not in good shape, not surprising-with little room left. 158 of its 186 coronavirus patients are on admission.

About 69% are more likely to contact the disease compared to 39% of woman, according to thy NCDC, and the most affected age group are those between 31 and 40.

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