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COVID-19 Nigeria: Active cases enters early phase of flattening as infection rate shows sign of shrinking

NCDC is working with Jigawa State health officials to deploy SORMAS in all LGAs in the State

SUN, AUG 2 2020-theG&BJournal– The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 386 more cases of coronavius infection from 18 States on Saturday, the lowest one day tally since mid May. Data also shows daily confirmed cases dropping significantly since 29th of July. (404 –(29, July), 481-(30th July ) and 462-(31 July).

The new figure takes the country’s total of confirmed cases to 43,537 but there are indications that the cumulative amount of active cases has entered an early phase of flattening after the number of patients discharged increased remarkably from 5349 in June 15 to 20,087 on 1st of August 2020.

Pointing to the flattening active cases in Nigeria, health system specialist Dr Obinna Akabike explained in the Nigerian Health Watch that on July 27, 2020 daily positivity rate of 42.66%, coincided with the least amount of samples tested (1,519) in a day, June 15, 2020, an indication of the challenges surrounding sample testing strategy.

‘’Without the unusual event,’’ he said ‘’the mean and median daily positivity rates for the week are 14.27% and 14.44% respectively, which translates to a substantive week-on-week decrease for three weeks.

The total samples tested have also increased substantially to 283,916 but rate of fatalities remains the low with total of 883 people reported dead from the coronavirus.

Of the 18 States reporting new cases, the FCT leads with 130 new cases followed by Lagos with 65, but another significant drop in daily reported cases. Ondo recorded 37 more cases to take its total to 1,192 while total confirmed cases in Osun climbed to 553 after reporting 29 more infections and Plateau confirmed 23 more new cases to takes its total to 1,211.

Confirmed cases in Edo climbed to 2,300 in total making it the fourth most infected State behind Oyo with 2,768 after both States added 8 more new cases respectively. Rivers (1,806 cases), Kano -1,597, Delta-1,510, Kaduna -1,457, Ogun -1,397 and Plateau-1,211 are States with the highest cases of infections.

Nasarawa-12, Abia-6, Katsina-3, Imo-1 and Adamawa-1 are the other States reporting new cases as of 1st of August 2020.

Meanwhile the NCDC has confirmed the full deployment of SORMAS digital surveillance tool in Jigawa State and says it is working hard to achieve SORMAS coverage in all Local Government and priority health facilities in Nigeria by end of 2020.

The SORMAS digital system uses surveillance and management processes via mobile and web-based application to identify potential COVID-19 cases through contact tracing of known cases as well as people who display symptoms.

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