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COVID-19 Nigeria: More families mourn from virus deaths and top US infectious diseases expert warns pandemic could match 1918 flu

Wuhan Coronavirus

By Audrey Lotechukwu

WED, JULY 15 2020-theG&BJournal– 10 more people died from the coronavirus on Tuesday to bring the Nigeria’s total fatalities to 754 as daily infection and death tolls continue to rise nationwide.

The figure for new cases published by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) dropped to 463 yesterday, one of the lowest in recent times but it pushed nationwide confirmed cases to a new high of 33, 616 with 13, 792 recoveries.

The 463 cases were reported from 16 States and the FCT with Lagos topping the list with 128 new cases and Kwara State popping up in second place for the first time with 92 new confirmed cases to take the State’s total to 422.

Lagos total confirmed cases have equally climbed to an alarming 12, 711 while that of the FCT now totals 2687. Oyo State is the third highest infected State after 15 more new cases took its total to 1882 infections. Edo-1807, Rivers-1397, Delta-1392, Kano-1314, Ogun-1105, Kaduna-1039 and Ondo-747 States are the most ravaged states so far.

Meanwhile, top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci on Tuesday warned that the coronavirus pandemic could be as bad as the 1918 influenza outbreak that killed up to 100 million worldwide. More people in the Western world died of the disease. Anthony Fauci made the prediction when speaking to Georgetown University students in Washington about the coronavirus pandemic and the risks it poses to young people.

Total global fatalities have now surpassed 573, 000 and more than 13 people have been infected. The UK, US, Mexico, Italy and Brazil have recorded the most deaths.

Reported cases of coronavirus infection in Africa is now 612, 586 with 13, 519 deaths and South Africa now have the 8th highest infection rate in the world-higher than the UK with a total of 287,796 cases and 4,172 deaths.

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