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COVID-19 updates: Confirmed cases in Nigeria leaps overnight to 97, 59 in Lagos

COVID-19 Monitoring equipment

SUN, MARCH 29 2020-theG&BJournal-Coronavirus (COVID-19) confirmed cases in Nigeria jumped overnight from 81 to 97 with Lagos leading in number of confirmed cases with 59.

The latest data by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) shows additional eight cases as at 10 Pm 28 March 2020. This is the highest daily increase since the outbreak in Nigeria.

The eight reported cases are in FCT-4, Oyo-1, Kaduna-1 and Osun State-1. No new case of death is reported.

There are still no reports across the country of the number of coronavirus tests taken, and many suspect the numbers released by the authority could be way off mark.

‘’Many anxious Nigerians are now self-isolating, adhering to the warnings of the health Ministry and the NCDC to stay at home,’’ according to theG&BJournal reporters. ‘’But many hotspots, like the beer parlours, none essential items shops and road side traders are still doing business.’’

The disease is continuing to spread across the country at a faster pace than when it first emerged in the country-it took less seven days for the number of confirmed cases to go from 40 to 97.

Many more states are taking stiffer measures to contain the spread including closure of entry points and enforcing the restrictions on large gathering with security personnel.

A close government health official told theG&BJournal that the numbers will continue to rise for at least the next four weeks-if the contact tracing in process now does not achieve its desired result and ‘’we may begin to see sporadic deaths if the individuals with suspected cases do not come forward for testing.’’

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