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Energy Law Firm offers support to businesses affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the oil industry crisis


TUE, MARCH 24 2020-theG&BJournal– Centurion law Group, a leading pan-African legal and energy advisory group with extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, announced Tuesday that they will assist small and mid-sized African businesses that are currently dealing with the economic impact of the Coronavirus, which is hitting many African countries, in recognition of the toll that the Covid-19 Pandemic has taken on the oil and gas industry.

“While we believe that the industry will bounce back from this and come out even stronger and more united, we feel a great sense of duty at this time when the worst effects of the crisis are being felt on a daily basis,” stated Zion Adeoye, Managing Director of Centurion Law Group.

‘’In this regard, we are joining hands with the African Energy Chamber in its call for relief measures and tax incentives for oil and gas companies to ensure that jobs are protected, and business can rebound. We believe it is an opportunity to give back to a continent that has given so much to us.’’

Adeoye said the firm will offer assistance to local services companies in ‘’our countries of operation on contractual disputes, employment issues and compliance matters. We will also extend our support to multinational entities at significantly discounted rates.’’

‘’Across Africa, more than 130 lawyers working for our clients have already been set up to work remotely and will continue supporting our oil and gas clients and service companies through this Coronavirus crisis.’’-APO

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