How to Stop MTN Auto Renewal in Nigeria

Mobile telecommunication services have become an integral part of modern life in Nigeria. With over 83 million subscribers, MTN dominates the mobile market in the country. While MTN provides affordable plans and services, many subscribers enable the auto renewal option without fully understanding it. This can result in unwanted charges when funds are low. Fortunately, stopping MTN auto renewal is easy once you know the steps.

Understanding MTN Auto Renewal

The MTN auto renewal feature automatically renews your airtime or data package before it expires. For example, if you have an N1000 airtime package that lasts 30 days, auto renewal will trigger a few days before the 30 day validity, charging you N1000 automatically to renew the package.

Many subscribers enable auto renewal when activating their line or plans without considering future implications. But when funds are low or plans need changing, auto renewals can create unwanted charges and depletion of airtime/data. Therefore, it is important to disable the settings.

Why Stop MTN Auto Renewal

Here are some top reasons you may want to halt automatic airtime or data renewals:

Avoid Unexpected Charges

If your MTN line is on auto renewal, charges will be made even if you don’t have enough credit. This can leave your line with negative balance, requiring you to top-up just to use it. Stopping renewal avoids scenarios where charges debit when you don’t intend.

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Change Plans Flexibly

Life is unpredictable and so are our airtime or data needs. Maybe you want to activate a lower plan but auto renewal locks you into the existing higher ones. Disabling the feature allows you to freely change plans month-to-month based on changing requirements.

Pause Usage Temporarily

Auto renewal assumes you want continuous service. What if you want to pause usage for some time and preserve airtime or data balances? By switching off renewals, your line and unused balances remain intact until you are ready to resume usage.

Switch Providers Easily

You may wish to switch to other mobile networks offering better pricing or benefits but don’t want existing plans on MTN to keep charging. Stopping auto payments allows you to port out without the hassle of refunds or credit transfers.

How to Stop MTN Auto-Renewal on Airtime Plans

Follow these easy steps to halt airtime auto-renewal on you MTN line:

Step 1. Dial *461#

Open your phone’s dial pad and carefully enter the USSD code *461# before hitting the call button. This will open the MTN auto-renewal management menu.

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Step 2. Select “Airtime Auto-Renewal”

The menu presents various options. Navigate to and select the “Airtime Auto-Renewal” option by entering 1.

Step 3. Choose “Turn OFF Renewal”

This opens the airtime renewal management screen with activation status. To disable renewals, select option 2 to turn it off.

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Step 4. Confirm Prompt

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm disabling renewals. Select option 1 to confirm your choice.

Step 5. Check Status

You will get a confirmation notification showing airtime auto renewal has been deactivated successfully!

By dialing *461# again, you can re-enable automatic airtime renewals in future if needed.

How to Halt Data Bundle Auto-Renewals

Follow similar steps to stop automatic renewal of your MTN data bundle:

Step 1. Dial *461#

Open phone dialer, enter *461# to open the MTN auto-renewal menu once again.

Step 2. Choose “Data Bundle Renewal”

Navigate to option 2 from main menu to open data bundle renewal management interface.

Step 3. Select “Turn OFF Renewal”

Choose option 2 here to switch OFF auto renewal for your data bundle.

Step 4. Confirm Action

Get a prompt to reconfirm your selection. Enter 1 to complete turning off data renewal.

Step 5. Check Confirmation

You will receive a notification confirming data bundle renewal has been deactivated successfully!

To enable automatic data bundle purchases in future, simply dial *461# and toggle the renewal setting again

Important Things to Note

Here are some key pointers to remember when stopping MTN auto renewal:

  • Deactivating renewals before current plan expires ensures next renewal does not trigger
  • Both airtime and data plan renewals need to be switched off separately
  • If current plan lapses with renewal active, charges will be made automatically
  • 24 hours or less validity left can trigger instant renewals even if set to off
  • Changes can take 6-12 hours to apply if data/airtime plans are currently active
  • You can toggle auto-renewal anytime without affecting existing plans
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Managing and stopping unwanted MTN auto renewal is easy if you follow four key steps:

  1. Dial *461# to open auto-renewal menu
  2. Navigate to airtime or data bundle renewal setting
  3. Select option to turn OFF future renewals
  4. Confirm action to completely deactivate

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current data or airtime plans be cancelled if I stop auto renewal?

No, disabling the auto renewal only stops future automatic purchases once validity expires. Your existing plans remain unaffected and valid for their intended duration.

What happens if validity is expired and auto renewal charges are made before I deactivated it?

Any renewals already charged cannot be reversed. You have to wait for the next renewal cycle to stop any further auto purchases.

Can I temporarily enable renewal if I want flexibility in future?

Yes, you can dial *461# and toggle the renewal settings for airtime and data as needed at any time. This provides full flexibility to suit changing requirements.

What is the best way to manage MTN plans after stopping auto renewal?

Monitor your data and airtime validity periods closely. Make manual purchases only when required to maximize flexibility in your spending.

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