How to Transfer Data on MTN in Nigeria

Mobile data has become an essential part of our daily lives in Nigeria. As the leading telecom operator in the country, MTN offers various data bundles and plans to suit different needs. One useful feature for MTN subscribers is the ability to transfer data to other MTN users. This allows you to share your unused data when you have excess, or receive data when you run out. With data transfer on MTN, you can continue browsing seamlessly without interruptions.

An Introduction to MTN Data Transfer

MTN data transfer enables MTN prepaid and postpaid customers to send and receive mobile internet data in the form of megabytes and gigabytes. It provides an innovative way of sharing data within the MTN network from one user to another. The data sender transfers from their existing data balance, while the recipient gets the shared data added to their account.

The feature makes it possible to gift data to family and friends on MTN when they need it the most. It also gives users a cost-effective way of getting data instead of purchasing bundles, especially in cases of emergency browsing needs. Overall, data transfer facilitates connectivity and promotes inclusive internet access to MTN subscribers in times of scarcity.

How MTN Data Transfer Works

MTN data transfer works by enabling a subscriber to share mobile internet data allocated to their number with another MTN subscriber. Here is a summary of how to send and receive shared data:

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To send data:

  • Dial 131406#
  • Select the recipient from your MTN contacts list
  • Enter the amount of data you wish to transfer in MB
  • Confirm details and authorize transfer

To receive data:

  • Sender initiates transfer to your number
  • Accept prompt to receive data
  • Transferred data gets credited to your account

Once the transfer goes through, the specified amount gets deducted from the senders’ data balance and credited to the recipients’ account. Both parties receive SMS notifications confirming transaction details.

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Data on MTN

Follow this straightforward process to start sharing data seamlessly:

Enable Data Transfer Service

  • Dial 4451#
  • Select option 1 to activate service
  • Follow prompts to complete activation

Enabling this service allows a subscriber to both send and receive data transfers on MTN.

Send Data Credit to Recipient

  • Dial 131406#
  • Select ‘Send Data’ (option 1)
  • Input recipient’s phone number
  • Enter amount of data to send in MB (minimum 10MB)
  • Review details and confirm
  • Authorize with PIN

You can transfer data in denominations from 10MB up to 1GB at once. Confirmation messages go to both parties.

Receive Data from Sender

  • Sender initiates transfer to your number
  • Accept prompt to receive data
  • Review transfer details
  • Confirm acceptance
  • Transferred data gets credited to your account

Be sure to only accept data transfers from known senders to avoid fraudulent activities.

The Benefits of MTN Data Sharing

Beyond providing data accessibility, the MTN sharing feature has great benefits for subscribers:

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Promotes Connectivity

Data transfers enable family, friends, and colleagues to share data bundles in times when others run out. This promotes inclusive connectivity.

Offers Data accessibility

Recipients get data instantly sent to their devices without physically purchasing bundles even in emergencies.

Convenient to Send and Receive

The streamlined USSD process makes it convenient to transfer and receive data without stress.

Flexible Amounts

Senders can transfer data bundles based on exact needs ranging from 10MB to 1GB.

Facilitates Optimal Usage

It provides an avenue for gifting unused data before expiry rather than letting it waste each month.


Obtaining data transfers allows recipients to save costs compared to buying bundles, especially during financial difficulties.

In summary, data sharing advances connectivity for groups such as families, colleagues, and communities. Though limits need to be implemented to prevent exploitation, the MTN feature mostly fosters digital inclusion.


Seamless data transfer capabilities make MTN Nigeria stand out by facilitating connectivity between customers. The network leverages technology effectively to promote inclusive internet access through features enabling prepaid and postpaid subscribers to send and receive mobile data bundles.

With the straightforward processes highlighted above, any MTN customer can start sharing data bundles instantly. Setting up the service only takes dialing a USSD code. Senders can then transfer denominations up to 1GB to recipients on-the-go using another quick USSD procedure. The convenience, flexibility in amounts, and benefits data transfer presents make it a useful way of optimizing data access.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Data Transfer

Data transfer users often have these common queries answered:

Can I transfer data to other networks?

No, MTN currently only allows data transfers to recipients on the MTN Nigeria network. The sender and recipient must both be MTN subscribers.

What data denominations can I transfer?

Data transfers are possible from 10MB up to a maximum of 1GB per transaction. This flexible range covers small supplementary data needs up to large data gifting purposes.

Is there a transfer fee?

No. MTN does not charge any fees to transfer data between customers. Only the standard SMS charges apply.

Can I transfer data to customers on other plans?

Yes. You can send data to recipients whether they are on prepaid, postpaid (contract), or data bundle plans. As long as they use MTN, they can receive transfers.

How many times can I transfer data per day?

There is no official limit stated on daily transfers. However, there seems to be an informal range of 2 to 5 times daily to curb fraudulent exploits.

What happens if my transfer fails?

If your data transfer fails due to factors like incorrect recipient details, network issues or insufficient balance, you get an SMS notification. You can try sending again later or contact MTN support if transfer issues persist.

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