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Nasarawa State gov. proposes unicameral legislature


THUR, SEPTEMBER 28 2017-theG&BJournal-Umaru Tanko AlMakura, the Nasarrawa State governor and chairman of APC Committee on True Federalism Public Consultation has proposed a unicameral legislative system and devolution of power to create a healthier, competitive political environment in Nigeria.

Speaking at a forum in Jos today, Almakura dismissed the present bicameral system as divisive.

“Bicameral system is not best for the country as it creates factions with different views that obstruct smooth governance. The qualification required to be a legislator should be raised to a higher standard” he said.

The governor laid out a list of areas where he would rather see less control by Abuja while raising supportive voice for local government autonomy.

“There should be devolution of power on areas such as education, agriculture, health and deciding of minimum wage to the states said the issues to be deliberated  on includes creation/ merger of States, derivation principles, devolution of power, federating units, fiscal federalism, form of government, land use act, local government autonomy, independent candidature, resource control, type of legislative system and power sharing/ rotation,” Almakura told the stakeholders at the forum that had representatives from Benue and Plateau States among others in attendance.

The Benue State representative Omale Omale, said his state fully backed local government autonomy and devolution of power. He said there is over concentration of power at the centre. He also called for legislation to allow state policing.

“States should hold land in trust for its people,” he said.

John Wade said his State, Plateau State, is in support of “true federalism.

“We do not subscribe to breaking away and power should be decentralized to some extent. We are passionate about the issue of resource control, we produce solid minerals but we do not enjoy the 13% derivation like our southern brothers,” He said.

Representative of Nassarawa state Philip Arishe however maintained the present structure is appropriate hence the status quo should be sustained.