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President Buhari speaks on ‘disturbing security situation’, performance of service chiefs and the NDDC

President Buhari observed the Eid El-Kabir with members of his family at home, in keeping with the advisories from the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs- Photo credit-Presidency

FRI, JULY 31 2020-theG&BJournal– President Muhammadu Buhari today gave assurance that more resources will be made available for the country’s military, police and other security agencies to deal with the unwanted security situation in some areas of the country.

He described the situation, particularly in the North West and North Central parts of the country as ‘’very disturbing.’’

‘’While much has been achieved, security wise, from the situation inherited in 2015, more still needed to be done,’’ the President said in his message released by Garba Shehu, his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Nigerians shortly after performing the Eid prayers with his family and aids at the forecourt of the State House, Abuja.

He said considering the security situation on ground when we came to office, ‘’Nigerians know that we have done our best. However, what is coming out of the North West and North Central is very disturbing.’’

Responding to a specific question on the performance of the Service Chiefs which recently, he said needed to get better, the President said that the Military, the Police and other security agencies are working hard.

‘’We are making available resources to them to even do better. From the reports I am getting, they could do much better. But we are keeping them on the alert all the time to do their duties.’’

On the issue of corruption, President Buhari said that all past and present cases will be fully investigated.

‘’That is why we put the commission of investigation in place. There has been abuse of trust by people trusted by the previous administration and this administration,’’ he said, stressing that all of such cases will be uncovered and firmly dealt with by his government.

He decried the wastage of the resources earmarked for the betterment of the lives of the people of the region, regretting that corruption had been unhelpful in that regard, especially ‘’if you recall there is 13 percent derivation.’’

He also warned against the vandalization of oil pipelines in the oil producing areas which he says, often results in environmental pollution.

‘’Those who are blowing pipelines and interfering with the production of petroleum products are hurting their people more than the rest of Nigerians because majority of their people are fishermen, fisherwomen and farmers. Now if they pollute the land and the waters, the fish goes into the deeper sea which the people cannot go and they cannot grow anything. They are hurting their immediate communities more than any other thing,’’ the President said.

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