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Propertylogic: We are back; Better and bigger


THUR, JULY 18 2019-theG&BJournal-My sabbatical was not intended to starve my teaming readers of the regular and valuable affordable housing information they got from here to guide their housing decisions neither was it intended to test their patience and resilience. I had also desired to test my feet on some fresh waters. Now; am back, better and bigger and poised to quench your burning thirst for firsthand, trusted and salient affordable housing information. Propertylogic Incorporated remains your ever-indisputable Property information mall.

While I was away, I got several calls from a dedicated reader who resides in the United States; a Ph.D. student from one of the ivory universities in the States. He informed me that he had followed my write up dutifully from inception and had relied heavily on same to execute his final thesis.

He lamented how the rested column had made information gathering in Affordable Housing difficult for him. I assured this patriotic Nigeria of the imminent return of his darling column to the online Newsstand promptly on my return to the country. He went ahead to passionately request that I recast the epoch-making series that addressed the harsh consequences of failed Perfection in the face of defective Property acquisition. I racked my brain to recall that this was an award-winning column that had close to a hundred thousand readers in a few weeks. Till date; it is still a reference point.

In obliging this passionate request by this dedicated reader; I have decided to do a bit of ‘remix’ of this piece. For those that were not on our reading platform then; it is an opportunity for you to be acquainted. Here we go!

“Land is a fixed factor. It is an important factor in Housing provision. In fact, Land is the very foundation for Housing development. The absence of it is the very foundation for Housing deficit. It is therefore not strange that from time to time, Governments all over reserve some portions of lands for either immediate or remote use. When Government decides to keep some lands for personal use; we describe such portions as Government Acquired Areas or simply as ‘Acquisition’. Such slang is a clear warning that such lands should be distant from.

However, over time; innocent buyers have found themselves entangled with the imbroglio of getting involved with such lands either carelessly or through no faults of theirs. The notorious ‘Omonile’ have also played major roles in getting citizens entangled with such lands through purchase. These set of persons who have almost become a government to themselves mostly in the South-western parts of the Nigeria state descend on these lands, lay claim to them and sell to unsuspecting buyers who sooner than later discover that they have been scammed by these despicable elements.

Over the time; the various state governments have created escape routes for such unsuspecting Nigerians to regularize their ownership of such lands. Though this action by itself does not come cheap; it is far better than having such persons lose their hard-earned investments. It is important to state here that not all such lands can be Regularized.

To be continued…

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