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Signs of the times for Ndigbo


 ‘’It is said that cockroaches in safety flight can neither get justice nor protection in a fowl’s court because they will become instant prey.’’

By Barr. Chijioke Nzekwe

MON, 21 SEPT, 2020-theGBJournal-From his emergence in 2015, President Mohammed Buhari has been exhibiting profound disdain towards the South, all to the point that it is now more self-evident than explained. While acknowledging the dangers such attitude portends to the polity, it is more important to note that whereas the Southwest and Middle Belt have dissected the Fulani script on Nigeria and thus confronting it head-on, Ndigbo seem to still be living in denial, chasing shadows and playing to the gallery.

Even outliers like Joe Igbokwe have done apt expositions on the sad reticence of Ndigbo and the PDP to the unfolding events in the country. It becomes more worrisome when juxtaposed with the clarity with which the Yoruba outlined their position on Amotekun. When one considers the Mailafia Obadiah/TY Danjuma’s angles, the dangers ahead for the Igbo Nation becomes even more obvious.

A Country where Administration of Justice, Electoral Act Amendment, Rule of Law and even the basic right to defence of life is jettisoned, while promotion of impunity, nepotism and fundamentalism thrives, is already rehearsing it’s Nunc dimittis.

Alas! Dr. Katch Ononuju, Femi Fani Kayode, Reno Omokiri, Barr. Aloy Ejimakor,Dr Jimanze Ego-Alowes,Buba Galadima, Sen. Enyinnia Abaribe, Osita Chidoka, Dr Peter Obi, Dr okey Ikechukwu, Akin Osunkotun, Shaka Momodu and Dare Babarinsa have been vociferously tackling this government, beating even global  standards in opposition onslaught and policy criticisms.

In the last Elections, the PDP gubernatorial results – from Imo, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti,Baucus, Kano, Sokoto and Zamfara states and even in the presidential elections – gave very good account of themselves as an opposition party, but today it is clear that we no longer have a democracy or even a country, hadly.

Little wonder therefore that Prof. Wole Soyinka, Gen. TY Danjuma, Gen. Obasonjo and other well meaning non-partisan Nigerians are speaking up and shouting themselves hoarse, all in an effort to rein-in the dictatorship of the powers that be, from tearing Nigeria apart.

All considered, it is no longer in doubt that Nigeria is on a precipice, therefore urgent and divine intervention is needed to  salvage the situation. The earlier the coffee is smelt by all and sundry, the better for us all. It is said that cockroaches in safety flight can neither get justice nor protection in a fowl’s court because they will become instant prey. This is why, I make bold to advise armchair critics to focus on countering the predators rather than x-raying the weaknesses of the prey because what a weak male organ needs is an aphrodisiac, not a downer.

Finally, without prejudice to the  ongoing campaign for Igbo Presidency, I insist that the recovery of the *independence* of the confederating units of this federation is more urgently needed now as it’s very critical to the  survival of the Nigerian entity. Also, it will in turn resuscitate and reestablish the very essence of the office of the President of a federation, which is basically to coordinate the central administration of governance.

It certainly does not include interference in the federating units internal affairs nor appropriation of her statutory entitlements,revenues and material assets.

” *Asi na ana ebu-uzo zota ala ma na atu ute*”

There is no use being in power if you’re not going to be in control unless we don’t mind a repeat occurrence of the usual case of the *Puppet* and  the *Puppeteers* where  the occupant of the Villa ends up being at the mercy of some Cabal that remotely controls  all  affairs and the governance.

The contraption called Nigeria as presently constituted is on the  verge  of collapse, a total overhaul is urgently needed.  Thus, it  requires that intentional and deliberate  steps  should be taken in order to stem the cascade for a total overhaul !

So first things first.

Let the *”Igbo Nation*” join hands with  other compatriots, albeit  later day converts, in the struggle for the  liberation of  Nigerian ethnic nationalities from the *”clutching knees”* of the Fulani Oligarchy so that Nigeria can *breathe*.and bounce back as a viable enterprise.

Nzekwe, a former Commissioner in Imo State is an Abuja based attorney.

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