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Third review of AfDB’s Independent Review Mechanism to take place this year


SAT, FEBRUARY 16 2019-theG&BJournal-The Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) of the African Development Bank will undergo a third review this year, following the Board of Directors’ approval  of the concept note and terms of reference for the exercise  in its session held 13 February, 2019.

The objective of the review is to take stock of IRM’s experiences and to examine how its scope and functions can be improved to enhance its independence, effectiveness, and relevance. The review is informed by the experiences and best practices of counterpart IRM’s in other International Financial Institutions.

The Bank will recruit a highly qualified independent consultant to undertake the review through an international bidding process whose work will be overseen by the Board Committee on Development Effectiveness.

The review process will be participatory.  The consultant will conduct a thorough desk review, seek the views of and consult with the Bank Board of Directors and Management, civil society organizations, relevant Bank staff. She/he will collect additional information during field visits, including from people affected by Bank projects, government officials in regional member countries, project promotors and other stakeholders in selected projects that have been subject to compliance reviews and problem-solving exercises.

The stakeholders’ input will be assured through a formal public consultation process. The consultant’s initial draft report, outlining key recommendations of the review will be posted on the Bank’s website for an initial period of 45 days, to enable public consultations, particularly from CSOs and other stakeholders, and to give time for them to provide their comment. After this, a new draft incorporating the comments will be posted to the Bank website again, for a second 45-day period.

When the consultant has updated the revised draft with all the inputs, a final draft report will be disclosed to the public at the same time as it is submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.

IRM’s performance was reviewed in 2010 and 2015, following which both the IRM Enabling Resolution and its operating rules and procedures were amended.AfDB

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