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Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial begins


By Azuka Christopher

TUE 09 FEB, 2021-theGBJournal- U.S. Senators opens debate and vote today on whether it is constitutionally permissible to prosecute, as the trial of former U.S President Donald Trump begins in the U.S. Senate.

AP reports that under an agreement between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the opening arguments will start at noon Wednesday, with up to 16 hours per side.

The defeated one-term president is being tried for inciting the January 6, 2021 violent attack on the U.S Capitol to overturn the November U.S. election. The incident was globally condemned after it emerged that the rioters had intention also to kill some members of Congress.

Trump has declined request to testify and his lawyers insist that he is not guilty on the sole charge of incitement of insurrection.

Majority of Republican Party members have already indicated that they will vote to acquit Trump while the Democrats are pushing for a bi-partisan decision on the matter.

The U.S. House of Representative had impeached Trump shortly after he left office on January 20 for high crimes and misdemeanour while in office.

The Presidential impeachment trial of Donald Trump will make it only the third time in U.S. history. The previous two trials of Andrew Johnson (February 24 1868) and Bill Clinton (1998) all lead to acquittals.

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