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Using emotional intelligence to build your business/career


By Jacqui IWU

TUE, JANUARY 23 2018-theG&BJournal-It’s great to welcome all our readers to 2018!!

January is here and almost running out and the heat is on to plan ahead for the year.  I don’t know about you but I tell people that, if you fail to plan your year goals in the first two months of each year, you might find it difficult to cope as the year drags down. Now all those companies/individuals that keep using Nigeria BUDGET as an excuse and keep wasting their time telling people they are waiting for the budget before making plans….Nigeria budget has nothing to do with your year planning this time or has it? Well if you still want to use our budget to make your business plan this 2018, keep waiting…when they pad it, you will re-pad your plans.

Please I am not talking about making New Year resolutions because it’s a waste of time as far as I am concerned. You can resolve to do anything you want at any time and not just January. I mean serious business and career plans on how to make more waves than you did in years past.

Now, let us look at SPOLILERS in your career/business that has been destroying your plans and laughing at you because you hardly hit back at them.

People who try to play on your emotions and intelligence will always try you out in a smaller way and if you keep quiet and did not react, the main hammer will  hit  you.

At work place, it is vital you control your emotions and this does not apply only to employees. As an employer, if an employee makes a mistake and the next thing you do is to bark and shout  ….you have totally lost your emotional control and this is not the kind of response I am referring to. In fact, your shouting could make matters worse and create disrespect from your employees. There are ways to handle employees who keep making silly mistakes and refuse to learn and adjust. Find out why the employee is fumbling and use your intelligence to psych-analyse him or her. The problem here is that most employers themselves do not even know how to make use of their emotional intelligence so they end up losing most potential and useful employees. As a boss, are you aware some employees have more foresight than you? There is nothing to be ashamed here. When you have such employees whom you get lucky to notice their great potentials, do not scare them off by being bossy. Most of them might present their potentials in a wrong manner, so it is up to you to use your emotional intelligence to extract what you need from such an employee to grow your business or company. Be very careful when you are doing this and avoid trashing such an employee after getting what you want. Believe me, this does not work well in the long run. Most executives always feel it is smart and business savvy, using intelligent employees and leaving them high and dry without compensation. If such an employee knows he/she has what can uplift your business and you feel you can play him/her, it makes them want to destroy you. So use your emotional intelligence tactfully so that such employee will continue to be useful to your business and company.

On the contrary there are also some employees who turn around to use the resources of their employer to the employer’s disadvantage. This kind of attitude happens daily at our workplaces and most employer’s immediate reactions is always very rash. Most employers just act on this without thinking and using their emotional intelligence ethically. It could be very painful discovering that your employee is doing secret financial deals at your back with your company names/resources.

Recently, a client of mine who has an office here in Abuja discovered that her Manager at his office in Lagos organized a business and channelled the financial benefits to her personal accounts without notifying him. The most painful part was that she used some of the company staff who also was so stupid not to inform the owner of the company about what was happening. So I actually walked in to this mess on the day my client discovered this and all through that day, we never achieved anything else because the man was totally disorganized by this betrayal of his trusted staff.  Something must have made this staff commit such criminal act since she was trusted by this employer and has worked with him a long period. This is the first thing my client should find out rather I witnessed  my client in his anger lashing out on the staff on phone. He was angry beyond even thinking straight and using his emotional intelligence properly. I looked at him and saw where this was getting him and asked him about his lawyer…he said he does not want the lawyer to handle this.  The staff was in Lagos and my client in Abuja and as far as I am concerned, this should not be a phone conversation.

Using your emotional intelligence correctly is one area of your job responsibility that should not be neglected. Lots of people have this intelligence but they always allow their emotions to take control thereby making a whole nonesense of their intelligence. If your emotions are not under control, your intelligence will be misused and you will always make huge work mistakes.

As an employer, if you have searched yourself and discovered you cannot handle your emotions(why can’t you anyway?) then hire an efficient P.A to think  and manage your crises for you.

Are you wondering why an employer is not capable of controlling his/her emotions? Deep question! I will open your eyes someday with this topic!!

Getting a good and efficient Personal Assistant is not easy so be careful whom you hire to clean your job garbage. Look for a career shark. I have talked about this sometime ago….being a career/business shark!!

To round up this topic, let me say finally that the fact that you are an employer or a gainfully employed indicates that you have intelligence but the main issue is making use of it. Again each person’s level of intelligence differs so it is vital you warm your brain always and do not allow your brain to go senile. What do I mean by warming your brain? Please stay away from the oven/microwave… haahhhaaaaaaaaaa..!!

There are people in their 3o’s but their brains have gone to sleep. This is allowing yourself to even die before your time. Hey, without your brain being active how can you do good and profitable business and run a top career? If you have an employee who hardly makes any contribution during crucial office meetings, watch him/her. In fact your most intelligent employees should be those ones who challenge you. Do not get offended but invite him/her privately for a brain download/storm …you will be grateful at last!

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Jacqui IWU is a Media Communications & PR strategist/A Life &Business Coach with passion for youth and women Economic/Social Empowerment.

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