What is the Code for MTN Hourly Bundle in Nigeria?

Getting internet access on-the-go is crucial in today’s highly connected world. Mobile networks in Nigeria like MTN allow users to purchase hourly data bundles, providing affordable internet packages for short term use. Understanding the various hourly bundle codes can help you easily activate the plan you need.

An Overview of MTN’s Hourly Data Bundles

MTN offers hourly data bundles ranging from N30 for 20MB valid for just 1 hour, up to N1000 for 1.5GB valid for 24 hours. The bundles provide customized internet access to fit different needs and budgets.

The lower priced bundles like the N30 20MB or N50 65MB plans are ideal for very limited use over an hour or two. The mid-range N100 and N200 bundles offer more substantial data allotments for a few hours of browsing. At the higher end, bundles like the N500 1GB 24-hour plan or N1000 1.5GB 24-hour plan empower heavy internet use with huge data and all-day validity.

How to Check Data Bundle Balance

Before purchasing an hourly bundle, you may want to check your current data balance.

To check data balance on MTN:

  1. Dial *556# on your phone and press call or send. This activates the MTN data balance USSD code.
  2. Your current MTN data balance and validity details will display on screen.
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If your data balance is low or expired, you can go ahead and purchase an hourly data plan using the appropriate bundle code.

Activating MTN Hourly Data Bundles

Purchasing and activating hourly bundles on MTN is easy and swift using the USSD access codes.

Here are the codes for MTN hourly bundles:

  • 157307# – N30 for 20MB valid for 1 hour
  • 157308# – N50 for 65MB valid for 2 hours
  • 157309# – N100 for 200MB valid for 4 hours
  • 157310# – N200 for 500MB valid for 8 hours
  • 157311# – N500 for 1GB valid for 24 hours
  • 157312# – N1000 for 1.5GB valid for 24 hours

To activate any bundle:

  1. Dial the bundle code on your MTN phone and press call or send
  2. Follow the prompt to confirm purchase of the bundle
  3. You will receive a text notification when the data bundle is active

And that’s it – you can now browse the internet using your hourly data plan!

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Understanding MTN Hourly Plan Validity

It is important to note the specific validity duration that applies to each MTN hourly bundle:

  • N30 20MB – Valid for just 1 hour
  • N50 65MB – Valid for 2 hours
  • N100 200MB – Valid for 4 hours
  • N200 500MB – Valid for 8 hours
  • N500 1GB – Valid for 24 hours
  • N1000 1.5GB – Valid 24 hours

Once the validity window for your specific plan is reached, unused data expires and browsing will end. You’ll then need to purchase a new plan to resume internet access. Setting a reminder for your plan’s expiry can help avoid an abrupt loss of connectivity.

Convenient Short-Term Internet Access

MTN’s wide selection of hourly data bundle provides something for every internet need, whether you just want a quick session or heavy 24-hour use. By understanding the latest bundle codes and activation process, you can easily purchase mobile internet access on-demand when out and about. Monitoring your usage then allows you to maximize plan value during the validity period.

FAQs on MTN Hourly Data Bundles

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MTN pay-as-you-go internet bundles:

Can I purchase multiple hourly bundles?

Yes, you can activate multiple hourly plans together or in sequence to add more bundled data as needed. However, unused data does not roll over across plans.

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Where can I purchase an hourly plan?

Hourly bundles can be activated by dialing the USSD access codes directly from your phone, no need to visit an MTN store. Bundles are available everywhere MTN has data network coverage.

Can I browse social media, stream video, or download files?

MTN hourly data bundles enable any type of internet browsing during validity, including messaging, social apps, video streaming, downloads, and more. Just mind your data usage based on the plan size.

Do hourly plans work for mobile hotspot?

Yes, you can utilize MTN hourly bundle data for tethering other devices through your phone’s mobile hotspot with the right phone settings enabled. This conveniently provides temporary internet access for your laptop, tablet or other wifi gadget.

How do I track data usage?

You can dial 460260# to check your hourly bundle’s balance and monitoring your consumption. Additionally, you will receive usage threshold text alerts at 50%, 80% and 100% of bundle utilization.

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