How to Check BVN on MTN in Nigeria

Verifying a customer’s Bank Verification Number (BVN) has become an essential requirement for many businesses in Nigeria. With the rising incidents of identity theft and financial fraud, validating a person’s identity using their BVN has emerged as a reliable method for organizations. This article provides complete details on how to check a customer’s BVN on MTN in Nigeria.

What is BVN and Why is it Important for Businesses

Bank Verification Number or BVN refers to a unique 11-digit identity number assigned by banks to customers after successful recording of their biometrics. The BVN system was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2014 to serve as an extra security layer for access to financial services, reduce identity fraud, and harmonize banking operations in Nigeria.

For businesses, validating a customer’s BVN offers multiple benefits:

  • Confirming identity: Checking the BVN ensures that the individual’s identity matches bank records thereby minimizing risks of dealing with fake customers.
  • Validating information accuracy: It allows businesses to verify details like name, phone number, date of birth etc. provided by the customer.
  • Facilitating credit checks: By linking a credit profile to the customer’s BVN, it becomes easier for lenders to assess creditworthiness.
  • Streamlining operations: A unified identification system enabled by BVN makes key processes like client onboarding, loan processing, account opening safer and quicker.

Why Check BVN specifically on MTN

MTN Nigeria is the leading mobile network provider in the country used by over 76 million subscribers. It offers extensive coverage even in remote areas along with affordable data plans. Key reasons to utilize MTN for BVN verification include:

1. Extensive subscriber base

With 76 million users, MTN has the highest subscriber market share in Nigeria. It offers the widest reach for businesses to validate BVNs of customers across geographies.

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2. Superior data network

MTN operates the largest 4G network in the country providing faster and more reliable data connectivity tailored for smooth BVN verification.

3. User-friendly interface

The MTN BVN validation portal offers an intuitive interface allowing even non-tech-savvy customers to easily check their BVN status.

4. Real-time confirmation

The instant verification enabled by MTN database minimizes waiting period enabling quick customer onboarding across channels like POS, web, mobile etc.

5. Additional security layer

Linking MTN verified mobile number as part of BVN check adds an extra security dimension protecting clients from unwarranted third-party access.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check BVN on MTN

Checking a customer’s BVN using MTN mobile network only takes a few simple steps. Here is the complete procedure:

Step 1: Visit MTN BVN Validation Portal

Open any web browser on your phone, tablet or computer device connected to the internet. Go to the URL – This is the landing page for MTN’s online BVN validation service.

Step 2: Enter Customer BVN

On the BVN validation page, you will see a form asking you to enter the 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN) along with captcha text shown for security purposes. Input the BVN provided by your customer here accurately without any typos or errors.

Step 3: Enter Customer Registered Phone Number

In the next field below BVN, enter the 10-digit mobile number registered by the customer while obtaining the BVN from their bank. This links the input BVN to the corresponding registered mobile wallet enabling real-time verification from NIBSS database.

Step 4: Click on ‘Verify BVN’ Button

Once you have precisely entered customer’s 11-digit BVN and 10-digit registered mobile number, click on the ‘Verify BVN’ button. This will instantly submit the details to MTN database for validation against NIBSS records.

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Step 5: Check BVN Validation Status

As soon as you click Verify BVN, the portal will start processing the request to validate authenticity of BVN-mobile number combination by checking NIBSS (National Identity Number) database in real-time.

Within seconds, you will see a message below the form indicating if the input BVN matches registered mobile number or not.

  • A ‘Successful’ message indicates BVN check was completed successfully validating identity of the customer.
  • A ‘Failed’ or ‘No match’ message implies incorrect BVN or mobile number details entered which do not match any records.

This completes the BVN verification process instantly confirming genuineness of customer identity without any manual paperwork.

Troubleshooting Common BVN Verification Issues

Despite the straightforward process, there could be instances where you encounter certain problems while trying to verify customer BVN on MTN portal such as:

Problem #1: Invalid BVN error even after entering correct number

Solution: Verify you have entered the 11 digits accurately without any typo or missing digits. Also, ask customer to confirm BVN shared with you verbally by calling bank’s customer care.

Problem #2: Mismatch between BVN and mobile number

Solution: Many times old inactive mobile numbers may still be linked with BVN resulting in mismatched error during verification. Request customer’s currently active mobile number registered with bank for BVN.

Problem #3: OTP issues while loading portal page

Solution: An unstable internet connection often creates problems in loading captcha/OTP for security purposes. Shift to a location with better mobile data connectivity before accessing the checker portal.

Problem #4: BVN not found error

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Solution: For recently opened bank accounts, there is often a brief lag before the BVN issuance is updated across databases. Ask customer for date of BVN registration and try again after a few days.

Conclusion – Simplifying Customer Identification with MTN BVN Service

Validating genuine customer identity has emerged as a crucial requirement driving demand for real-time BVN verification solutions. By letting businesses instantly check authenticity of Bank Verification Number against registered mobile numbers, MTN’s checker portal simplifies identity confirmation required for account opening, payments, loans etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Checking BVN via MTN

Here are answers to some most commonly asked questions about verifying Bank Verification Numbers using the MTN portal:

How much does MTN charge for BVN verification service?

MTN offers real-time BVN verification completely FREE of cost. The data charges applicable are only standard internet rates as per customer’s mobile plan.

Can I check BVN without an MTN number?

No, you need active MTN mobile number for both customer and business to use BVN checker service. It leverages internal database linked to NIBSS for instant confirmation.

Is BVN verification on MTN portal safe?

Yes, MTN portal utilizes high standards of encryption and network security to ensure all BVN related data remains protected from cyber threats or unauthorized access.

What details do I need to verify customer’s BVN?

You need two key details – 11 digit BVN number provided by bank during registration and 10 digit mobile number which customer had provided to link with their bank account.

How long does BVN verification take on MTN?

The real-time integration of MTN systems with NIBSS servers enables BVN validation result to be delivered instantly within few seconds.

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