How to Transfer Airtime on MTN in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

MTN is the largest telecom operator in Nigeria with over 65 million subscribers. The ability to transfer airtime credit to other MTN subscribers offers convenience and flexibility. This comprehensive guide will provide insightful details and practical instruction on successfully transferring MTN airtime in Nigeria.

I bring over a decade of organizational expertise in the Nigerian telecom sector. With extensive background spearheading business growth initiatives for prominent operators like MTN, I understand the integral technicalities from an insider perspective.

This discourse will empower you to seamlessly transfer airtime on MTN through simplified walkthroughs. You’ll also discover prudent tips to avoid errors when sending or receiving credit transfers. Now let’s get right into unraveling the fundamentals of transferring airtime on Africa’s leading network provider.

Overview of MTN Airtime Transfer Service

MTN introduced airtime transfer services to enable prepaid subscribers easily send airtime units to other prepaid users across all networks in Nigeria. You can swiftly transfer airtime from your MTN line to any other MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile number without hassles.

Here are key points on MTN airtime transfer service:

  • Minimum Transfer: The minimum amount for airtime transfer is ₦100
  • Maximum Transfer: The upper transfer limit is ₦4,000 daily
  • Charges: MTN deducts 5% commission from airtime transfers above ₦100
  • Speed: Airtime transfers usually reflect instantly
  • Validity: Transferred airtime has same validity as original credit units
  • Security: MTN blocks airtime transfers detected as fraudulent to safeguard subscribers
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Familiarizing yourself with the above policies will eliminate ambiguities when sending or receiving airtime. Next, let’s get into the step-by-step process.

Step-by-Step Guide on Transferring MTN Airtime

You can seamlessly transfer airtime via MTN Short Message Service (SMS), USSD codes or mobile apps. This section covers actionable procedures for executing airtime top-ups through each channel including vital tips.

Using MTN SMS Services

The SMS airtime transfer service grants simple, flexible options to share airtime. Follow these failproof steps:

Step 1: Prepare Recipient’s Details

Ensure you have the 10-digit GSM number of the intended airtime recipient. Also verify if it’s currently active to avoid transfer issues.

Step 2: Initiate Airtime Transfer

Text the airtime amount to MTN’s allocated short code: 131.

Structure the message as:

131Mobile number*Amount#

For example:


This transfers ₦500 airtime to 0123456789.

Step 3: Input PIN Authorization

You’ll receive an SMS requesting your mobile transfer PIN for confirmation. Reply to authenticate the transaction immediately.

Tip: Set up your 4-digit transfer PIN under the USSD menu 1415#. This enhances airtime transfer security.

The transfer concludes once you enter valid PIN. Recipient gets an SMS notification too.

Through MTN USSD Menus

USSD platforms enable swift airtime distribution via interactive menu prompts. Master transferring airtime via USSD codes in 4 stress-free steps:

Step 1: Dial Airtime Transfer USSD Code

On your MTN line, dial 6001#. This initiates the self-service airtime transfer prompt.

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Step 2: Input Recipient’s Number

When prompted, enter the mobile number you intend to credit airtime. Input accurately to avoid errors.

Step 3: Input Transfer Amount

Next, input your preferred airtime figure to send. Remember transfers below ₦100 bear no charges.

Step 4: Authorize With PIN

Finally, input your MTN transfer PIN to authenticate transaction when prompted.

Tip: You can create your transfer PIN by dialling 1415# too.

Once successfully processed, recipient gets an SMS notification on new airtime amount.

Via MTN Mobile Apps

MTN subscribers can download MTN official apps on Android and iOS devices to facilitate seamless airtime gifts.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough for sending airtime via apps:

Step 1: Install Official MTN App

On your smartphone, install the MyMTN App from Google PlayStore (Android) or App Store (for iOS).

Step 2: Register Profile

Open MyMTN app and register using your name, MTN number and secure password.

Step 3: Access Mobile Money Menu

Navigate to the Mobile Money menu, then select Transfer Airtime option.

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Details

Next, enter the 10-digit mobile number of recipient and amount to send.

Step 5: Authorize Transaction

Review transfer details accurately, then authenticate by entering your registered app PIN.

Once approved, beneficiary receives an SMS notification. Airtime reflects immediately too.

This real-time process enables seamless airtime gifting via mobile apps.

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I trust this extensively detailed guide gives you absolute clarity on sending airtime seamlessly on Nigeria’s prime telecoms network. Whether using SMS, USSD or mobile apps, transferring airtime enables promptly gifting credit without physical recharge cards.

Overall, always remember to input accurate details during transfers and notify recipients for optimal user experience. Contact MTN customer service channels to resolve urgent issues

Common Airtime Transfer Challenges and Solutions

Despite the relative convenience of sharing airtime, users occasionally encounter hitches like insufficient funds, authentication failure or delays. This section addresses frequently asked questions to help you navigate common issues:

What if transfer fails due to insufficient airtime?

Solution: First, top-up your airtime balance to complete pending transfers. Notify recipients too regarding delays.

My transfer is pending. How can I troubleshoot?

Solution: Pending transfers often indicate authentication failure. Update your transfer PIN and retry. Also, confirm accuracy of beneficiary’s number.

Why is the transferred airtime unavailable after receipt?

Solution: Transferred airtime mirrors receiver’s existing validity period. To resolve, advise them to recharge to extend validity.

Can I dispute or reverse airtime sent in error?

Solution: Unfortunately, airtime transfers are non-reversible. Nonetheless, MTN tracks every transaction to curb disputes or fraud.

Getting satisfactory feedback ensures your queries are addressed promptly by MTN customer service. I share insider techniques to get faster response in this detailed guide. Feel free to explore further tips.

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