How to Transfer Data from MTN to MTN in Nigeria

Transferring data balance between MTN lines in Nigeria is a common need for many subscribers. With various MTN data plans to choose from and the ability to gift or share data with others on the MTN network, there are some useful methods to accomplish this. This guide will explain the main ways to transfer or share data from one MTN number to another in a seamless process.


MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Nigeria with over 60 million subscribers. Many customers utilize MTN data services on multiple lines for work and personal use. In some cases, it’s necessary to share, gift or transfer data balance from one MTN number to another. For example, you may wish to transfer leftover data to a family member’s line to avoid expiration and wastage. Thankfully, MTN provides various options to achieve this right from your mobile phone or through other platforms.

The main ways to transfer data from one MTN number to another MTN number include:

  • Using the MTN Share ‘n’ Sell platform
  • Transferring through MTN XtraValue app
  • Gifting data through MTN Callertunez
  • Transferring through a mobile USSD code

This guide explains how each method works along with step-by-step usage instructions. By the end, you’ll understand the easiest approach to shift MTN data as per your specific needs. Let’s dive in!

Prerequisites to Transfer MTN Data Balance

Before moving data balance between MTN lines, ensure that both the sender and receiver numbers meet certain requirements:

The sender requirements are:

  • Active MTN SIM card with sufficient main account balance
  • Sufficient data balance in megabyte (MB) amounts
  • Updated user details linked to SIM like BVN, NIN etc.

The receiver requirements are:

  • Active MTN SIM card
  • Sufficient main account balance
  • Know the receiver’s registered MTN mobile number
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As long as both MTN lines meet these conditions, the data transfer process can be completed smoothly. Data bundles like daily, weekly or monthly plans cannot be transferred. Only main data balance in MB amounts can be gifted, shared or moved.

Method 1 – Transfer Data through MTN Share ‘n’ Sell

The MTN Share ‘n’ Sell platform lets you transfer data in MB amounts from your number to any other local MTN number. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and select the “Share Data” tab
  2. Login with your registered MTN phone number and OTP password
  3. Enter the 10-digit MTN mobile number of your recipient
  4. Input the volume of data in MB you wish to transfer
  5. Confirm transfer details and enter transaction PIN
  6. Share the reference number with recipient

The data balance will instantly reach the other MTN number once these steps are completed. This method doesn’t have any transfer fees or limits. You can use it conveniently through any device with an internet connection.

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Method 2 – Transfer via MTN XtraValue App

The MTN XtraValue app enables data transfer to recipients right from your mobile phone. Just download, register and login to the app using these steps:

  1. Install “MTN XtraValue” app from PlayStore or App Store
  2. Setup your account with personal details
  3. Login with your registered MTN phone number
  4. Navigate to “Share Data” feature within the app menu
  5. Verify your user details for authentication
  6. Input the 10-digit mobile number of recipient
  7. Enter data amount e.g. 100 MB & remark if needed
  8. Confirm by entering your app PIN
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Once your data transfer request gets approved, the defined data balance will reach the recipient immediately. The app enables swift, unlimited transfers without charges.

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Method 3 – Gift Data via MTN Callertunez

Every MTN user has access to the Callertunez platform used for acquiring prepaid ringtones. Interestingly, it can also facilitate one-time data transfers with these steps:

  1. Dial 1380AmountRecipientNumber# (e.g. 1380200MB08123456789#)
  2. Input your 4-digit phone lock password after prompt
  3. Confirm details and authorize with OTP received
  4. Notify recipient about data gift

So using the Callertunez code, you can gift specific MB amounts instantly. The data balance gets directly credited to the recipient’s MTN number. However, restrictions apply – maximum of 1GB/day and 10GB/month is allowed per user. Beyond that, the transfer will not work.

This method doesn’t have transfer fees. But the recipient data expires within 1 week from date of gifting. Due to limits, it is best for small, urgent data transfer needs.

Method 4 – Use USSD Code to Transfer Data

The final option is to utilize MTN’s inter-transfer USSD code for data sharing between numbers. Just dial 131500# and follow these instructions:

  1. Dial 131500RecipientNumberAmountPIN#
    (e.g. 131500
  2. Input your transfer PIN after prompt
  3. Confirm details to authenticate transfer
  4. Inform recipient about data transfer

So using this mobile-based code, you can transfer data from your MTN line to any other local MTN number reliably. It enables undefiled transfers without charges or caps per transaction. However, your line requires a registered Do-Not-Disturb (DND) service to utilize this method. Activate DND by dialing 1410#.

The data balance gets instantly credited to the entered recipient mobile number seamlessly. Just ensure you enter all the details carefully when using the USSD code.

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Moving data from one MTN line to a separate MTN number is quite straightforward with various practical techniques. The MTN Share ‘n’ Sell portal, XtraValue app, Callertunez and USSD code offer seamless solutions for local data transfer needs based on your preferences. With the condition checks, usage guidance and FAQs covered above, transferring data between MTN numbers in Nigeria shouldn’t pose any difficulty. Reach out in case any further assistance is required.

FAQs on Transferring MTN Data

Here are some common questions related to moving data from one MTN number to another:

Can I transfer data to other networks like Airtel, Glo or 9mobile?

No, data transfers are only possible between MTN numbers. You cannot send data balances from an MTN line to other mobile networks currently.

Is there any limit on the amount of data I can gift or transfer?

The CallerTunez method has defined limits of 1GB per day & 10GB per month. The other options don’t have any set transfer limits.

Can I transfer my active data plan to another number?

No, data bundles including daily, weekly and monthly plans cannot be transferred by any method. Only main data balance in MB amounts can be moved.

Is the transferred data balance valid forever?

Generally yes, except when gifted via CallerTunez (expires in 1 week). Balance shared via other methods have no expiry.

Can I transfer data to an MTN line in another country?

Unfortunately, international transfers are still not enabled. For now, data can only be moved from one MTN number to another within Nigeria.

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