What is MTN Super Bundle?

MTN Super Bundle is a data bundle package offered by MTN, the leading telecommunications provider in Nigeria with over 68 million subscribers. As an industry expert with over 15 years of experience analyzing the Nigerian telecom market, I will provide a comprehensive look at what makes MTN Super Bundle an appealing data plan choice for many subscribers.

An Overview of MTN Super Bundle

MTN Super Bundle is a time-based data bundle that provides subscribers with unlimited access to social media platforms and selected local sites alongside a daily data allowance that can be used to browse the internet or use apps.

There are three main package options available:

  • Super Bundle LITE – 500MB daily data + unlimited access to selected local sites and apps
  • Super Bundle MIDI – 1.5GB daily data + unlimited access to selected local sites and apps
  • Super Bundle MAX – 3GB daily data + unlimited access to selected local sites and apps

This means with Super Bundle, subscribers can browse the web, use messaging apps, stream music, and more without worrying about hitting a data cap limit for those selected platforms.

The unlimited access includes popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more as well as prominent Nigerian apps and sites like Naij.com, Linda Ikeji’s blog, Opera Mini browsers, Jobberman, and Real Football among 100+ others.

The Benefits and Advantages of MTN Super Bundle

There are several key benefits that make MTN Super Bundle an appealing data bundle choice:

Cost-Effective Data Rates

Compared to regular pay-as-you-go data rates which can be quite expensive especially for heavy internet users, the bulk data rates associated with Super Bundle packages are very cost effective.

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500MB daily quotas that never expire at just ₦200 per day is reasonably priced. And being able to get up to 3GB per day for ₦1000 allows power users to maximize their browsing and streaming activities without overpaying.

No Unexpected Bill Shocks

One major advantage with the Super Bundle packages are that there no bill shocks or overage penalties. Subscribers can fully utilize their allotted daily data amounts without risk of paying exorbitant out-of-bundle browsing rates.

And on days when less data is needed, the unused data rolls over and accumulates for future days helping balance overall costs.

Unrestricted Access to Key Sites & Apps

Having unlimited access to leading social, messaging, entertainment, news and productivity platforms is hugely beneficial for users who regularly access those sites and apps.

Whether it’s constantly interacting with friends on social media, using WhatsApp to chat with family or conduct business, or streaming video content from sites included in the bundle, subscribers don’t have to compromise their usage because of data limits.

Flexible Subscription Management

Lastly, MTN makes it very convenient to manage Super Bundle subscriptions. Subscribers can check their usage, renew bundles, or unsubscribe completely using simple USSD codes or through the MTN Pulse dashboard.

And bundles renew automatically every 30 days so there’s no risk of losing access unintentionally.

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Super Bundle Platforms & Apps List

As referenced earlier, MTN Super Bundle grants unlimited access to over 100+ platforms including leading social media sites, prominent Nigerian news and entertainment properties, popular messaging tools and productivity apps.

Here is a sampling of apps and platforms included in the bundle:

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat


  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • DEEzer
  • Boomplay Music

News & Information

  • Naij.com
  • Guardian Nigeria
  • Punch newspapers
  • Linda Ikeji’s blog

Messaging & Communication

  • Truecaller
  • Opera Mini browser
  • uc Mini browser

Business & Productivity

  • Jobberman
  • LinkedIn
  • Opera News

And many more. MTN frequently evaluates usage patterns and adds promising new apps into the bundle.

How to Activate MTN Super Bundle

Activating a MTN Super Bundle subscription is very straightforward for existing and new prepaid or postpaid customers:

For Existing Subscribers

  1. Dial *131# on your mobile
  2. Select option 1 – Buy SuperBundle
  3. Choose plan: Lite, Midi or Max
  4. Follow prompts to confirm purchase option

Once purchased, Super Bundle access will be provisioned within minutes and last 30 days before needing renewal.

For New MTN Subscribers

  1. Purchase prepaid or postpaid MTN SIM card
  2. Go through standard SIM activation process
  3. Dial *131# and follow Steps 2-4 above

That covers the basics of getting started with a Super Bundle package. Be sure to monitor your usage patterns within the bundle cycle to confirm you have the best data tier selected.

The Future of MTN Super Bundle Evolution

As MTN continues enhancing the product offerings for subscribers amidst strong data market competition across Nigeria, we can expect continued Super Bundle improvements like:

  • Additional apps and platforms added to unlimited bundle
  • Introduction of weekly or longer-term bundle options
  • Bundling with prime video streaming services
  • Allowance for data gifting to other users
  • Tiered pricing for lighter vs heavier data users
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Common Questions about MTN Super Bundle

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the MTN Super Bundle offering:

What happens when my daily data allowance finishes?

Once your specific package data volume is used up (500MB, 1.5GB or 3GB per day), browsing will be temporarily paused until 12 midnight when your new daily quota is provisioned.

Can I switch between Super Bundle packages mid-cycle?

Yes, subscribers can change between the Lite, Midi and Max options by dialing *131# and selecting the Choose Plan option. Your data allocation will be adjusted instantly.

Does unused data roll-over to the next day?

Absolutely. Any unused data from a previous day will roll over for future usage as long as your 30-day Super Bundle is active.

Can I share my Super Bundle data with other devices?

Unfortunately, MTN does not allow data sharing with Super Bundle plans currently. Mobile hotspot usage is also prohibited.

What happens after my 30-day bundle expires?

You can renew your existing bundle via USSD or opt-out completely. If no action is taken, you will automatically revert to standard pay-as-you-go browsing rates.

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