How to Activate MTN Voice Bundles in Nigeria

MTN Nigeria offers a variety of affordable and convenient voice bundles that provide customers with minutes to call all networks. Activating these voice bundles is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps using different purchase channels. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to activate MTN voice bundles in Nigeria.

Introduction to MTN Voice Bundles

MTN voice bundles allow customers to make calls to all local networks including MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile. The bundles come in different denominations with pricing ranging from as low as 100 naira to as high as 10,000 naira.

Some of the most popular voice bundles offered by MTN Nigeria include:

  • 100 naira bundle – Offers 20 minutes of talk time to call all networks
  • 200 naira bundle – Offers 40 minutes
  • 500 naira bundle – Offers 120 minutes
  • 1,000 naira bundle – Offers 270 minutes
  • 2,000 naira bundle – Offers 600 minutes

Additionally, MTN also provides hourly, daily, weekly and monthly bundles with large minute allotments at affordable rates.

The key benefits of MTN voice bundles include:

  • Affordability – Low denomination bundles ensure calling is pocket-friendly
  • Flexibility – Multiple bundle variants to suit diverse needs
  • Convenience – Easy activation process through various channels
  • Value – More talk time to call all networks in Nigeria

How to Activate MTN Voice Bundles

Activating MTN voice bundles is easy and convenient. Customers can activate bundles through the following simple methods:

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1. Through MTN Shortcodes

The fastest and most convenient way to activate MTN voice bundles is by dialing MTN shortcodes. Based on the bundle denomination you wish to activate, simply dial the designated shortcode and follow the activation prompts.

Here are the list of shortcodes to activate different MTN voice bundles:

  • 131501# – To activate 100 naira bundle
  • 131502# – To activate 200 naira bundle
  • 131503# – To activate 500 naira bundle
  • 131506# – To activate 1,000 naira bundle
  • 131507# – To activate 2,000 naira bundle
  • 131004*1# – To activate hourly bundle
  • 131004*2# – To activate daily bundle
  • 131004*3# – To activate weekly bundle
  • 131004*4# – To activate monthly bundle

Once you dial the shortcode, follow the voice prompts to complete activation. It only takes a few seconds to activate bundles using shortcodes.

2. Through USSD

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes provide another fast and simple option to activate MTN voice bundles. Much like shortcodes, USSD codes are dialed directly on your mobile phone.

To activate a bundle via USSD, dial *556# and follow the menu prompts to select your desired bundle variant and make payment as prompted to complete activation.

3. Through SMS

Majority of the MTN voice bundles can also be activated by sending keyword SMS. This offers convenience for users who prefer activating bundles discretely through text messages.

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To activate a bundle via SMS:

  • For 100 naira bundle, send 15*01#
  • For 200 naira bundle, send 15*02#
  • For 500 naira bundle, send 15*03#

And so on. You will receive a text confirmation once the bundle is activated.

4. Through MTN Mobile App

The MyMTN mobile app provides a personalized way to manage your MTN account, purchase airtime, data and activate bundles.

To activate MTN voice bundles on the app:

  1. Launch the MyMTN app on your device
  2. Sign in using your registered MTN mobile number
  3. Go to “More” and Select “Call Bundles”
  4. Choose your desired voice bundle
  5. Proceed with secure payment to activate bundle

It only takes a few clicks to activate voice bundles using the MyMTN mobile app.

5. Through External Apps/USSD Apps

There are various third party apps and USSD menu-based applications powered by fintech companies that allow MTN subscribers to conveniently purchase and activate airtime, data and bundles.

Some popular options include Kuda Bundle, Flutterwave GetBarter, OPay mobile money app. These apps provide intuitive interfaces to activate your preferred MTN bundle instantly.

Voice Bundle Activation Tips

Here are some useful tips to get the best experience when activating and using MTN voice bundles:

  • Select bundle variant as per your calling needs
  • Take advantage of hourly, daily and weekly bundles for affordability
  • Always confirm activation by checking minutes credit
  • Use bundles before expiry to avoid losing minutes
  • Dial customer care or use digital channels if activation fails
  • Purchase multiple bundles if you expect heavy calling
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Activating MTN voice bundles in Nigeria is easy, convenient and pocket-friendly. With multiple purchase channels like shortcodes, USSD, SMS and apps, customers can activate bundles within seconds. Choosing the right bundle size and maximizing benefits during validity ensures you get the best value when staying connected with friends and family across networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about MTN voice bundles:

How long do MTN voice bundle minutes last?

MTN voice bundle minutes are valid for 7 days from the date of activation before expiry. For bundles with larger validity, check bundle details before activation.

Can I activate MTN voice bundles for someone else?

Yes, you can gift MTN voice bundles to anyone on any network in Nigeria by using gift voucher services available on the MyMTN app.

Do MTN voice bundles work for international calls?

No, MTN voice bundles only provide minutes for calling Nigerian phone numbers across local mobile networks and landlines.

Can I deactivate a voice bundle?

Unfortunately, MTN does not allow customers to deactivate an already activated voice bundle. However, unused minutes will automatically expire after the 7 day validity period.

How can I check my MTN voice bundle balance?

You can check remaining minutes by dialing *556# to access your MTN bundle balance menu. Alternatively, dial 1314# to hear your balance through an IVR prompt.

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