How to Borrow Airtime from MTN Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting emergency airtime when your phone balance runs out can be a hassle. However, MTN Nigeria offers a way to borrow airtime when you need it most. This feature allows MTN subscribers to borrow airtime and pay it back later. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to borrow airtime from MTN Nigeria.

An Introduction to Airtime Loans on MTN

MTN launched airtime loans, also known as Xtracash loans, in 2013. This service allows prepaid customers to get instant airtime credit when they run out or need emergency airtime. The borrowed airtime functions just like regular airtime – you can use it to make calls, text, and browse the internet.

The maximum airtime you can borrow at once is N200. MTN designed this service so customers can remain connected when they lack airtime to make important calls or texts. Once borrowed, customers have a repayment period of 5 days before repaying the airtime loan.

Key Benefits of Borrowing Airtime from MTN

Borrowing airtime from MTN offers the following advantages:

Stay Connected During Emergencies

The top benefit is the ability to get emergency airtime to make urgent calls or send texts when your airtime runs out. This prevents you from being unreachable in times of need.

Continue Ongoing Activities

You can borrow airtime if your phone balance gets depleted while browsing social media apps, streaming videos, using Google Maps, or doing other activities. This allows you to continue seamlessly without disruptions.

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Avoid Embarrassing Situations

Borrowing airtime also helps avoid embarrassing situations where you need to make or take an urgent call without airtime. With an airtime loan, you can briefly get connected when you lack airtime.

Flexible Repayment

MTN gives customers 5 days to repay borrowed airtime. This flexible timeframe makes it easy to repay the airtime loan once funds become available.

Step-by-Step Guide to Borrow Airtime on MTN Nigeria

Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to borrow airtime from MTN Nigeria through your phone:

1. Dial *606# on Your MTN Line

To initiate an airtime loan, first dial *606# on your MTN line. This brings up the loans menu.

Alternatively, you can open your phone’s internet browser and visit to access the loans menu. However, dialing *606# directly from your MTN line is faster.

2. Select Option 1 for Airtime Loan

After dialing *606#, the menu prompt for loans appears. Next, input option 1 to select XtraCash – the airtime loan service.

3. Specify Amount & Confirm Accuracy

With option 1 selected, MTN asks you to input the airtime amount you wish to borrow. Enter the amount, then confirm whether the figure is correct.

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You can borrow a maximum of N200 in a single airtime loan. If you mistakenly enter an amount greater than N200, MTN prompts you to re-input a lower figure.

4. Await Confirmation Message

After confirming the airtime figure, MTN processes your airtime loan request. Within seconds, you receive an SMS notification confirming the exact airtime amount credited to your line.

For instance, if you borrowed N100 airtime, the confirmation message reads:

“Dear customer, your request for N100 XtraCash has been granted and automatically credited into this line. Pay back in 5 days to avoid suspension of XtraCash service.”

5. Start Using Borrowed Airtime

Once MTN disburses the SMS confirmation, start using the borrowed airtime on your line immediately.

Call friends and family, browse social sites, stream videos, and do anything else you would typically use airtime for.

The borrowed airtime gets used up just like your regular airtime. When it finishes, you can borrow again up to the N200 cumulative limit.

6. Pay Back Within 5 Days

Per MTN’s loan terms, ensure you repay borrowed airtime in full within 5 days.

To repay, recharge your line with airtime worth the borrowed amount or higher. Immediately MTN confirms the recharge, they deduct the borrowed airtime leaving the remaining balance intact.

If you fail to repay before the 5-day repayment period elapses, MTN suspends your line from accessing any more airtime loans until you repay fully.

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The Bottom Line

Borrowing emergency airtime from MTN helps you remain reachable during desperate situations when your phone balance runs out unexpectedly. Simply dial *606# to access loans menu and select option 1.

Common Questions About MTN Airtime Loans

Below are answers to frequent questions about borrowing airtime on MTN Nigeria:

Can I Borrow Airtime From MTN on Any Plan?

Yes, all MTN customers on prepaid plans can access airtime loans by dialing *606#. However, your line must have been active for 6 months prior to enjoy this service.

What is the Maximum Airtime I Can Borrow from MTN?

The maximum airtime amount MTN lends per request is N200. Even if you input a higher amount when prompted, MTN reduces this to N200 automatically.

Do I Pay Back the Exact Airtime Amount Borrowed?

Yes, you must repay the exact airtime figure credited to your line. For instance, if you borrow N150 airtime, repay back precisely N150 within 5 days.

What Happens If I Don’t Repay the Airtime Loan on Time?

If you fail to repay borrowed airtime after 5 days elapse, MTN suspends your line from accessing future airtime loans. To lift the suspension, repay the outstanding loan amount owed. Thereafter, MTN reactivates the XtraCash loan service.

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