How to Get MTN AWUF Data in Nigeria

Getting mobile data in Nigeria can be confusing with all the different plans and promotions available from major providers like MTN. One offering that frequently pops up is MTN AWUF data. But what exactly is AWUF data and how do you get it? This comprehensive guide has all the key details you need as a Nigerian business owner or organizational leader looking to utilize AWUF data.

An Overview of MTN AWUF Data

AWUF originally stood for “A Wo U Foye” meaning “You just found gold” in Yoruba. It is a term MTN adopted to promote special data offers where subscribers can get discounted or free mobile data.

The AWUF data packages provide bulk data at reduced rates for different validity periods. For example, there may be an AWUF offer giving 100GB of data for ₦5,000 instead of the usual rate of ₦10,000. The data volumes and pricing vary between promotions.

Some AWUF offers are targeted at specific subscriber groups, usually based on usage or loyalty. But there are also general AWUF data plans open to all subscribers.

The key benefit of AWUF data is getting more mobile data for less money compared to standard data plans. It allows businesses and organizations to cut data costs and allocate budgets more efficiently.

Checking for Available AWUF Offers

The first step to getting AWUF data is checking what offers are available. There are a few ways to do this:

  • USSD Code – MTN frequently runs dedicated AWUF USSD codes to see offers. Dial 1315#* and select the “AWUF” option.
  • MTN Nigeria Website – Visit the MTN data plans page to view any highlighted AWUF deals.
  • MTN Apps – Open your MTN Nigeria app and look under Data > AWUF Plans.
  • Social Media – Follow @MTNNG on Twitter and Instagram for AWUF promo announcements. Enable notifications so you never miss an offer.
  • MTN Service Centers – Visit an MTN service center near you and inquire about available AWUF data plans.
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Once you’ve identified an applicable AWUF offer, take note of the following key details:

  • Data volume – The amount of data you will get, e.g. 100GB.
  • Validity period – How long the data will remain usable before expiry, usually 30 days up to 1 year.
  • Price – The total cost for the AWUF data package.
  • Activation process – What steps are required to purchase and activate the plan.

Purchasing and Activating AWUF Data Plans

When you find an AWUF deal that meets your needs, you then have to purchase and activate it. There are several options available:

Online Purchase

Many AWUF offers can be activated through online payment using your phone:

  1. Dial the activation USSD code provided for the offer, usually something like 1315*5#.
  2. Select confirm to proceed with online payment and enter your pin.
  3. The data plan will be activated automatically.


If the AWUF plan is showing in your MTN Nigeria app, you can conveniently purchase directly in the app:

  1. Open the app and go to More > Data > AWUF Plans.
  2. Tap on the AWUF bundle you want.
  3. Enter your payment pin to confirm purchase.
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MTN Service Centers

Visit a nearby MTN service center with required ID documents and pay for the AWUF plan with an agent. They will assist to activate on the spot.

Third-Party Vendors

Some dealers and vendors may offer top-up cards with specific AWUF data plans. Recharge using the voucher pin and details as provided.

No matter the purchase method, ensure you get an activation notification from MTN before attempting to browse or stream with the AWUF data.

Usage and Expiry

Once activated, the AWUF data volume will be available for use until it expires based on the advertised validity period.

You can dial 1314# to check your active data bundles, confirm if the AWUF bundle is present, and note the expiry.

When using AWUF data for business operations, track consumption to avoid surprises from hitting the limit too fast. Dial 1315*2# to see data usage breakdown.

Some plans expire automatically on the advertised date even if the data is not fully used. For some, unused data gets forfeited after the validity period. Other bundles pause and allow renewal before the remaining data expires.

Carefully check the terms of any AWUF deal before purchasing to understand usage rules and expiry provisions.

The Benefits of AWUF Data for Businesses

AWUF data delivers excellent value for Nigerian enterprises and organizations by reducing mobile data costs. With staff depending more and more on mobile devices and connectivity, getting bulk data at a discount empowers efficient remote work.

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Less money spent on data means funds can be reallocated to other operational areas. From increased inventory to employee training and more, organizations leverage cost savings to fuel growth.

Overall, AWUF data gives any Nigerian business, whether small or large, a simple way to stretch budgets. Monitoring and purchasing the plans promptly also helps ensure no opportunity for major data savings is ever missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about getting MTN AWUF data plans:

Can non-MTN subscribers buy AWUF data?

No, you have to be an active MTN subscriber to qualify for and activate AWUF data bundles.

Do the plans work for all types of accounts?

AWUF data generally works for prepaid, postpaid, and enterprise/corporate accounts. But some offers are restricted based on usage levels and account standing.

Can I activate multiple AWUF plans at once?

Yes, you can have multiple AWUF data bundles alongside regular plans. But confirm expiry timelines to avoid losing data.

Can AWUF data be gifted to another MTN user?

Unfortunately, gifted AWUF data is usually not allowed. Some exceptional plans may permit gifting, but standard bundles are restricted to the purchasing line only.

Can I use AWUF data for international roaming?

No, AWUF and other special data deals are typically valid for local use within Nigeria only. International roaming bundles have different rates and allowances.

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