How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN in Nigeria

Getting automatically signed up for subscriptions and services you don’t want or need can be annoying. MTN makes it easy to cancel auto renewals for their various value-added services so you only pay for what you use. Follow this straightforward guide to take back control of your spending.

An Introduction to Auto Renewal Services from MTN

MTN offers various subscriptions and value-added services to customers in Nigeria such as ringtones, mobile data bundles, SMS bundles and more. To provide convenience, many of these services will automatically renew each month so you continue enjoying the benefits without any effort.

However, continuous auto renewal can quickly rack up charges if you aren’t actively monitoring and managing your subscriptions. Before explaining how to cancel auto renewal, let’s review some of the common services from MTN that support automated renewals:

Mobile Data Bundles

MTN provides recurring monthly data plans ranging from 150MB all the way to 220GB based on your usage requirements. Once subscribed, the plan will renew each month to continue providing mobile data.

SMS Bundles

Send bulk SMS messages each month by subscribing to MTN SMS plans of 10 messages, 100 messages, 500 messages or more. The desired bundle auto renews monthly.

Ringtones, Wallpapers and Other Content

Personalize your mobile experience with a library of ringtones, wallpaper images, videos and other content. Purchased multimedia content subscriptions renew automatically.

Other Value-Added Services

Many additional VAS services work on auto renewal including gaming packs, event streaming bundles, caller tunes and more. Useful subscriptions can quickly multiple if not managed properly.

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Now that you know which value-added services may be renewing each month from MTN, let’s examine how to identify and cancel unwanted subscriptions.

How to View Currently Active Auto Renewal Services

The first step is accessing your MTN account dashboard to view which automatic renewals are currently active. Here is the process:

  1. *Use Your Phone to Dial 559# – This is the USSD code to access MTN mobile self-service menu.
  2. Select Option 3 for Value Added Services – Choose option 3 from main menu which will show your active VAS services.
  3. Review Active Services – Scroll through the list of services shown and note which ones say “Auto Renewal” next to them. These are currently renewing each month.

Alternatively, you can dial *131# to access MTN self-service or install the MTN Nigeria app from your device’s app store. Both options give you visibility into active value-added services with renewal status.

Now that you’ve identified subscriptions with automatic renewals, decide which ones you want to keep and which to remove based on your usage and budget.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancelling MTN Auto Renewal

Cancelling auto renewal for any unwanted value-added services is straightforward. Just follow these instructions:

  1. *Dial USSD Code 559# – Same as before, use this code to access the MTN mobile menu.
  2. Choose Option 3 for Value Added Services – Select option 3 to manage your subscriptions.
  3. Pick Service to Disable – Choose the auto-renewing service (data, SMS, ringtones etc.) you want to cancel.
  4. Follow Prompts to Disable Renewal – After selecting a service, follow menu prompts to disable future automated renewals.
  5. Confirm Cancellation – System will ask you to confirm your choice to deactivate renewals for the service. Reply Yes to complete.
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Repeat the last three steps for every auto-renewing value-added service or content package you want to cancel from your account.

Alternative Ways to Cancel MTN Auto Renewal

If you prefer, there are a couple other ways to cancel automatic renewal subscriptions:

  • MTN Nigeria Mobile App – Download the app, login to your account and manage renewals under Value Added Services.
  • MTN Customer Care – For personal assistance, call MTN customer care at 180 or 121 and speak to a representative to cancel services.

The mobile USSD method is usually the fastest way to easily stop auto renewals yourself. But the app and calling support provide options too.

Key Takeaways When Cancelling Auto Renewal on MTN

To recap, main points to keep in mind when disabling value-added service auto renewals on your MTN account:

  • Dial *559# then choose menu option 3 to identify active services with renewal status.
  • Pick the service you want to disable renewals for and follow menu prompts to confirm cancellation.
  • Repeat for every auto-renewing service you want to cancel from your account.
  • Alternatively use the MyMTN app or call customer support for personal help.
  • Review account activity regularly to avoid surprise charges from unwanted renewals.
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Final Thoughts on Managing MTN Auto Renewal

Keeping up with automatic subscription renewals from network providers introduces extra complexity when monitoring usage expenses. Thankfully, MTN Nigeria empowers customers with convenient self-service options to easily identify and cancel unwanted renewals after the fact.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cancelling MTN Auto Renewal

Here are answers to some common questions about stopping automatic renewal subscriptions on MTN:

How long does it take to cancel auto renewal after disabling it?

The cancellation takes effect almost instantly in real-time after following the USSD prompts to disable renewals for a given service.

Will I lose my current data/SMS bundle if I cancel auto renewal?

No, cancellation only stops future automated renewals after your current validity period. You keep any remaining data, SMS or other benefits through the expiry date.

Can I reactivate auto renewal if I change my mind later?

Yes, you can dial *559# in the future and enable renewal again on any eligible value-added service that supports automated repeating subscriptions.

Do I need to cancel each service individually?

Unfortunately yes – MTN doesn’t offer a “disable all” renewals function. But the process is quick for each individual service when you dial the USSD code.

How can I prevent auto renewals without cancelling my service completely?

Instead of fully cancelling a subscription, simply disable the auto renewal feature by following the *559# menu prompts after choosing the service. You keep current benefits without future renewals.

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